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v Documentation :

v Salaried Individuals

Ø Latest 3 months salary slips and Form 16 A.
Ø Latest 6 months bankstatements (duly stamped by the bank)
Ø Income Tax returns for the last 3 years. (if proffessional)
Ø Photocopy of proof of identity and address (any of the following):
                 • Ration card
                 • PAN card
                 • Telephone or Electricity bills.
                 • Declaration of income to be supported by photocopy of investments (to ensure financial stability &
                     repayment ability of the borrower).
                 • 2 Photographs

v Self-Employed/Businessmen

Ø Brief introduction of Business/Profession.
Ø Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account and statement of income with Income Tax returns for the last 3 years
             certified by a Chartered Accountant.
Ø Photocopy of Advance Tax payments (if applicable).
Ø Photocopy of Registration Certificate of establishment under Shops and Establishments Act/Factories Act.
Ø Photocopy of Registration Certificate for deduction of Profession Tax (if applicable).
Ø Bank statements of Current and Saving accounts for the last 1 year (duly stamped by the bank).
Ø Photocopy of Certificate of Practice (if applicable).
Ø Photocopy of any bank loan (if applicable).
Ø Photocopy of proof of identity and address (any of the following):
                 • Ration card
                 • PAN card
                 • Telephone or Electricity bills.
                 • Photocopy of LIC policy (if applicable).

v N.R.I. Customers

Ø Application form with photograph
Ø Photocopy of the Employment Contract or Labour Contract and English translation countersigned by your  
Ø Latest salary certificate (in English) specifying the following:
Ø Name (as it appears in the passport)
Ø Date of joining
Ø Passport Number
Ø Designation
Ø Perquisites and salary
Ø Photocopy of Identity card / Labour card
Ø Photocopy of latest work permit
Ø Photocopy of valid resident visa stamped on the passport
Ø Overseas Bank Account and NRE/NRO statement for the last six months.
Ø Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)- if applicable
Ø Latest Credit Bureau Report [Applicable to customers residing in countries where Credit Bureaus exists. eg.
             USA, UK etc.]

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The decision to buy a home & seek finances for it involves a complex maze of terms and conditions imposed by the housing finance companies. At REALTY DEPOT, we aim to simplify the process of evaluating various home loan options and choosing the best suited one for our customers. We have relationships with leading banks and housing finance institutions which enable our customers to receive the best quotes.
v  Why homeloan from us???

Ø  We have homeloan for all, residents and non-residents of India (Salaried/Self-employed)
Ø  Best interest rates in the market
Ø  Get maximum loan amount with your existing income
Ø  Transfer your existing high interest homeloan and get low interest homeloan
Ø  Special approach for difficult homeloan cases
Ø  Tie up with more than 15 banks around Mumbai
Rate of Interest (monthly reducing balance)
Processing Fees
Home loan tenure
Loan to value (LTV)
Pre-payment charges
Floating 10.15% onwards
0.5% to 1% of loan amount
1 year to 30 years
80% TO 85%
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About Reality Depot
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REALTY DEPOT is a dedicated real estate & homeloan service provider promoted by professionals from the corporate sector to provide professional advice and transparent service to those who genuinely want to buy & invest in properties  with a medium to long term outlook and to create wealth through Real Estate investment.

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