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We are well established real estate consultants serving our numerous national and international clients to meet the specific real estate needs. Our expertise lies in offering complete solutions to the customers for meeting their complete buying, selling as well as renting requirements for residential/commercial  purposes. Further, our personnel also do in-depth research & planning before offering solutions to the customers.


Legal property issues can be complex and time consuming and cannot be resolved without legal experts. Being one of the leading real estate companies, Realty Depot is offering its services as an excellent Property Legal Advisor. We are renowned for our exceptional Property Legal Advising Services and the clients have always appreciated our efforts and services.

We have with us, the finest experts and legal advisors who assist the clients, with their complex legal issues, Our highly experienced legal advisors carefully study the property issues of the clients and guide the clients to help resolve the issues easily and in the shortest time possible. Catering to the various needs of the clients, we also provide services such as Property Documentation.


Vaastu Shastra is regarded as an age old science of construction. The rules of vaastu shastra are believed to be very effective in eradicating negativity from the surroundings. We are associated with many Vaastu Experts. The professional Vaastu Consultants work in close co-ordination with the clients. They have detailed discussions with the clients about their requirements and develop strategies for improvement in the establishment.
Otherwise, after assessing the negative and positive points in the house, the Vaastu Experts develop strategies for redesigning the setup.


Buying a Home is one of the most important decision in the life of any individual, whether he is salaried or self-employed. Lot of factors are considered in choosing the right home loan partner. Competitive Rates, Comfortable EMI and Protection of original loan documents - are the main criteria for choosing the bank.

Certain Features which stands out in case of Home Loan are as follows :
Lowest Rates amongst the homeloan
Longest Repaying Tenure
No Pre-closure Charges
Maximum Finance on the property value

We are the Authorized Distributor of 12 reputed Banks and ffinancial companies which makes it easy for you to choose Best Banks to suit your requirements.


Everyone comes across “big opportunity” in their life. But sometimes the opportunity is so big, that your regular income can not capture it. Don’t worry, Your Home can become your funding partner!
Irrespective, whether you have a home - free of all loans or home loan still running, we can still organize the mortgage loans for you.

Certain advantages of Mortgage Loans:
Interest Rates are marginally higher than Home Loan Rates
Comfortable EMI due to tenure up to 15 years
Comfortable terms for part payments
Quick Processing and delivery of loan

We are the Authorized Distributor of 15 Banks and financial institutions which can offer most competitive pricing and the maximum unlocking of value of your properties.


Many businesses have a short working capital cycle. They don’t need the CC or Working capital facility because in their business, the investment in debtors and stock is relatively low. Such businesses might need funds for long term investments in infrastructure, branding or even to revamp the technology. We can help such businesses to raise the funds through this product.

Most Important Benefits of Loan against Property are :
Interest Rates are better than working capital rates
No need to pay renewal charges every year
Long Tenure - So relatively much smaller EMI
Interest fully deductible in Income Tax - Sometimes even more beneficial than Home Loan.
We have 15 Banks and financial institutions which can provide you the solution which fits best with your requirements.
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REALTY DEPOT is a dedicated real estate & homeloan service provider promoted by professionals from the corporate sector to provide professional advice and transparent service to those who genuinely want to buy & invest in properties  with a medium to long term outlook and to create wealth through Real Estate investment.

We have served many people to settle in their dream homes.
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